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This guide is a documentation for developers and advanced users of NBooks with development skills and want to inspect the source code and make modifications.


We are using Mercurial as our source control. You can get more information from their website. The most important part is just how to pull source and cloning it.

To clone a repository, you can do:

hg clone

You can update via

hg pull


To build the source code you need to have .Net Framework at least 3.5. You can download the framework in Microsoft's site.

In the source code, there's releasebuild.bat batch file and you need to double click it in order to build the source.

Editing using SharpDevelop

You need first to install SharpDevelop 3.2 in order to edit NBooks source codes.

You can then double click NBooks.sln file inside the src directory to open the solution.

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